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Chiropractor in Wyoming, Michigan

Dr. Erik Johnson

Dr. Erik was born on May 7, 1982, in Gladstone, Michigan and is the second in a family of three children. Growing up in a middle-class family in a small-town community taught him the value of hard work, starting his first job delivering newspapers as soon as he was old enough to manage the route in his neighborhood (eventually trading the paper satchel when McDonald’s built its first location in Gladstone in the late 90s). Much of his free time dedicated to reading, writing, music and studies (and video games), he started undergraduate studies with the goal to become a teacher. 

In his early 20’s he had a life-changing event. Debilitating back pain brought him to the ER where he was diagnosed with a muscle spasm and prescribed Vicodin and Flexeril. When the drugs were gone, the pain was not, and he started seeking other ways to cope. It was during this phase of his life he met Dr. Brian, the chiropractor who showed him how years of not caring for his spine created a condition called subluxation that his body was trying desperately to adapt to.

Over the first months of care with Dr. Brian, Dr. Erik noticed tremendous improvement in how his back felt, but also had the experience that “it was as if a dimmer switch on my life was turned to the highest setting for the first time.” It was then he decided to dedicate his life to bring that experience to others who had never been shown how much better life is when your spine is as healthy as it can be. 

After Graduation from Chiropractic School

After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2013, Dr. Erik began his career as an associate doctor. He was able to gather a wealth of knowledge about running a busy office during his years associating, preparing him for the opportunity to purchase his own office in early 2020. His philosophy is simple, families with healthy spines that don’t pinch their nerves live the healthiest and highest quality of life. He practices with passion and total commitment to helping others understand the importance of spinal health on the individual, family, and community level. 

Shortly after starting Love and Health Chiropractic, Dr. Erik met his soulmate, Brianna. When her enthusiasm for his life’s mission of providing life changing chiropractic care to as many families as possible was mirrored in Brianna, having her help manage the office so he could focus more on caring for our practice members was a natural choice. 

“The future health of our community is in our hands, and it is a huge responsibility. Now more than ever, every member of your family deals with stresses that manifest in the spine and affects vital flow of information through the nerves our brain and body rely on to function and stay healthy. We ask anyone who is interested in living a healthier life to call and join our practice today and begin to live the best part of the rest of your life! Our goal is to help you achieve total health for you and your family, and in turn help improve the health of the world.” -Dr. Erik Johnson

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